Disruptive innovation vs. incremental innovation

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step” – Lao Tzu

Coming from a developing country where is not easy to be seen  what  innovation actually is both in theory and in practics  . However as my curious nature, I like the subject of innovation and how it is happening around the world. Innovation is exist in every where, but radical innovation and disruptive innovation are rarely seen or occurred in a less or developing counties as my home country while they are emerging frequently in other advanced counties. Why???

Reading through a load of books on innovation theory. I understand why now, one main reason from that is institutional frameworks… Okie I accept that as my country is weak in policy making and also the knowledge infrastructure is still not good enough… among thousand of excuses …

But now I am wonder why the notion “Disruptive innovations”  used too much now in developed counties and they seems to not considered the important of incremental innovation in the organization and industry  and especially in contribution of create and generate a disruptive innovation one….


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