Guide to employability. Step 1. Be original – know thyself

preparation for job hunting when graduation day approaching

PhD Life

Ioanna Iordanou is a Job-Search Adviser and Postgraduate Researcher Enterprise Skills Tutor at the University of Warwick. She also works as a Postdoctoral Researcher for WBS. She tweets (@IoannaIordanou) and blogs (Ioanna’s Employ-Ability Blog).

This post was originally published November 12, 2012

On 16th December 2010, an article of The Economist entitled Doctoral Degrees: The Disposable Academic, caused much controversy by claiming that disgruntling doctoral experiences and brutalising career prospects render a PhD highly unnecessary and a waste of time. The author maintained that universities take advantage of PhD students and use them as cheap, highly motivated and disposable labour that will do more research, and more teaching, with less money to conclude that the interests of academics and universities on the one hand and PhD students on the other are not well aligned.

Don’t believe everything you hear: You make your PhD…

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