from conference paper to journal article – writing in small chunks

highly applicable to rewrite your conference paper into journal article


You may not always have the luxury of a block of time to revise your conference paper. Or you might choose to devote the big slab of writing time you do have, perhaps over summer, to a big new project. After all, having extended time is a rarity and you don’t necessarily want to waste it on something that can be done in smaller slices. So if you have decided to revise or rewrite your conference paper in chunks, then here’s one way to go about it.

The usual caveat applies – this is only one way, not The Way – and you may well already have, or find other approaches. But this is worth a go.

I’m assuming that you have already chosen the journal and you know its house style and  readership. You already roughly know the ways in which your revised paper is going to connect with the on-going journal conversation. That’s the foundation you’re now going…

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