giving feedback on a paper

the rubric to give comment on a paper ….


If you’re working with a writing partner, or a group, there’ll come a time when you want to give each other feedback. And you’ll want that feedback to be affirming not debilitating, and helpfully critical and not crushingly negative.

Here’s a few starting points that you can consider. They are leads to help you to organise your thoughts, and the conversation.You won’t cover all of these pointers of course in youractualconversation, but they arehelpful for yourpre-reading. They simply flag some of what you could discuss.

283792277_c04cb875f5_z.jpg Photo by Annabelle Shemer, Flickr Creative Commons. First of all, briefly sum up what you think is the argument of the paper. Hearing your versionis helpful for the writer as they cancompareyour interpretationwith their intention.

Now sum up what you think are the major strengths of the paper.

Tell the writer who you think will be interested in reading the paper and why –…

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