what does a book proposal reviewer do?

I can learn from this to write my book proposal ….


A post for academic book week.

When you send in a book proposal to a publisher, chances are that it will be sent out to reviewers. This is peer review – and a versionthat actually gets talked about very little.

The publisher often asks youtorecommend two to three proposal reviewers. When you make these recommendations, it’s important to pick people who look credible. Your nominatedreviewers should be people who know your work, and who are also likely to be considered as ‘an expert’ by the publisher.

Now, reviewers don’t have to be academics. It depends on the type of book you are proposing. If you are writing a book where you are looking for professional readers for instance, you could recommend someone in a professional field. This person should be someone who is influential and is able to speak on behalf of others.

The publisher will probably go to at…

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