DSC00110 A warm welcome here!!! Coming from tropical area, I  need a warm heart in the cold winter and Oslo give me so many red-hearts hanging around in the trees. So I give them to you, the visitor to my blog !!!

Let’s me introduce myself a lit bit. I am dreaming to be dreamer 🙂 I love traveling, reading, knitting, eating  and some time cooking :). Life is adventure, it is a series of journeys and not destinations, thus any one must try to fly, drive or walk depends on situations and your health and wealth being you are in. However,  sometimes I don’t know where I am and where to come next ….

For the time being, I am  a Ph.D student in innovation group at Center of Technology, Innovation and Culture, University of Oslo. In that I focus on how technological transformation overtime in social, environmental and political context.


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